Escape Rooms and Coronavirus COVID-19

We are all acutely aware of the dangers posed by the Coronavirus pandemic and here at Ultimate Escape we have done everything possible to make playing our games as safe as you are at home.

As of 14th September 2020 restrictions due to COVID-19 in Wales have been tightened, making it mandatory to wear face masks in all indoor public places. As a result everyone will have their own personal face mask and will be required to wear them when playing our games. As your team will already be in a 'bubble' and may not normally wear face masks when together this is not primarily to prevent you from passing anything between yourselves, but to reduce the risk of any of your team leaving coughs and sneezes for players that come after you. In turn teams that have played before will also have been wearing face masks to prevent them from leaving any unwanted presents for you. This gives you an extra layer of safety when playing our escape games.

As we are concerned with the safety of all our players a disposable face mask will be provided free of charge if any member of your team has forgotten theirs for any reason, even if the dog has eaten it.

On arrival all players will be required to disinfect their hands at our sanitiser station so they do not pass on anything either between themselves or to the next group of players through anything they may touch. In turn the group before you will have been asked to do the same so as not to pass on anything to you.

Also with safety in mind our booking system has been changed so that when one of our escape rooms is booked all other games at corresponding or overlapping times are automatically blocked off so that only one group can be here at the same time. To be fair to all this is done on a 'first come, first served' basis.

We are also leaving a full hour in between groups of players to ensure that teams coming and going do not have any contact and to give us time to disinfect door handles, game items and anything else that might have been touched. Yet another layer of safety.

If any of your group is showing Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or has had the Coronavirus and it is less than 2 weeks since they last showed symptoms then they must be excluded from your group.

Random groups of individuals, such as friends from different households that otherwise have no contact, unfortunately cannot play.

There are murmurs of a second wave and even the possibility of going back into lockdown. To be blunt this is due to those who seem to believe that the easing of the lockdown meant the panic is over and are completely forgetting the virus, social separation and everything else as a result. These irresponsible people are putting us all at risk. If we all stick to the rules infections will be kept at a minimum, a second wave won't happen and another lockdown will be avoided. We will all be able to continue with our lives as near to normal as possible. So come along, stick to the rules and play our games just as you would normally. (Well, almost!).

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