New to Escape Rooms?

if you haven't played an Escape Room before where have you been? They are more popular than ever!

Escape games started over 10 years ago as computer games and/or online games. You were stuck in a virtual room and had to solve a series of puzzles and challenges which would eventually lead you to the key or exit code to open the door and 'escape' before the time ran out.

There was always an ominous story behind the games. The oxygen was running out or you'd been poisoned and had to get out to get the antidote, or something like that. You get the idea, but whatever the background story the effect was the same - you'd die if you didn't get out in time!

When Escape Rooms came into the real world the police seemed to object if they poisoned or suffocated their customers, so that element had to be removed, but there is still an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction when you've beaten all the challenges and finally escaped.

As time went on real life escape rooms have evolved. For the most part you no longer have to simply find a key. There will be a theme you have to satisfy as the modern equivalent of escaping.

We have a room for everyone! However please note that Escape Games are not jelly and balloons, so they are not suitable for children's parties. The puzzles and challenges are at an adult level - and even some adults have trouble with them - although help is always available. You can of course take your little darlings in to play with you, but they are not suitable for children on their own.

CSI Murder Mystery

Do you like a good murder mystery? Can you use forensic evidence to place a suspect at the scene? Can you match fingerprints on murder weapons and weed out the weak alibis by comparing them with witness statements? If you can you'll love this game!

Escape from the Future

This room is challenging, as well as being fun to play. Your crazy professor friend has invented a time machine and asks you to test it as he's not quite crazy enough to do that himself. Are you up to the challenge?

Mission Impossible

This is called Mission Impossible because that's what we think it will be. It has been created as the ultimate challenge, but it's fun to play so anyone can have a go. It isn't based on the Mission Impossible franchise, but it's that sort of thing. If you've watched films about bank robberies or jewellery heists or stealing priceless paintings from art galleries you'll know the sort of thing. Could you get through a high tech security system?
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