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CSI Murder Mystery

When Diane Mise, the much loved daughter of Lord and Lady Mise was found murdered up at Knock-em-Off Manor everyone was distraught. DCI Bodgit and Sergeant Leggit were immediately called in to investigate and bring the culprit to justice.

DCI Bodgit and Sergeant Leggit previously ran a building firm together called Bodgit and Leggit, so they are not the most competent of detectives. They need your help!

Are you up to the job? You must find clues and solve puzzles to uncover the evidence in the case.

Your team must match fingerprints on murder weapons and check suspect's alibis against witness statements to identify those that might be telling porkies.

You must examine the forensic evidence to rule out the innocent and put the spotlight on the guilty.

Can you do it? Can you discover who was responsible for D. Mise's demise?

"A genuinely original game which threw up one of the most interesting tasks I’ve ever seen in an Escape Room" - The Logic Escapes Me (A London based blog reviewing Escape Room Games all across the UK)

Escape from the Future

You have a crazy professor friend called Prof Iterole who announces one day that he has invented a time machine. He's cobbled it together from bits found knocking about in his laboratory, some bought from junk shops and others out of rubbish skips.

Now he might be crazy, but he's not crazy enough to test it himself. So he asks his best friends to test it for him. Um.... that's you, by the way. Will you do it?

Of course you will! He's your best friend, after all. But will everything go smoothly and it will work without a hitch? Doubtful.

This game is aimed at fun. You may be uncontrollably shot around the millennia, and your quest is to get back to to your own time, but you'll enjoy doing it!

"Absolutely awesome! Best hour ever!" - Louis-Courtney Jones from Rhyl

Mission Impossible

A megalomaniac has planted a bomb and delights in giving you a slim chance of defusing it if you can get through a high tech security system and avoid all the booby traps.

We have called this game Mission Impossible because that's what we think it will be. It isn't based on the franchise, but it's that sort of thing. If you've seen films about jewellery heists, stealing priceless artefacts from museums or paintings from art galleries you'll be on the right track.

All we can tell you is that you don't have to dangle from a skylight to avoid touching the floor and you can go below 50mph - but the rest is up to you!

There is a bottle of Champagne and money back for any team that can defuse the bomb without blowing themselves up. For everyone else the bomb resets and you keep going until the time runs out. The question has to be how many times will you blow yourself up before finally defusing the bomb? So far the average is five. Could you do better?

Warning: This game does involve flashing lights, but only when you blow yourself up. (Oh, sorry, if you blow yourself up)

"I have never seen such technology in an escape room" - One of our testers with 50+ games under their belt.
"This is really clever!" - Just about all our testers!

The Mole

You don't have to come to Llandudno, or even North Wales, to play THE MOLE. It is an online game that can be played on any device with a good internet connection by 2 to 8 players wherever they are in the World. A good way for friends and family to get together even when you can't get together!

The playing area is a map of the world where every continent has a secret. Players are all members of a Spy Ring whose mission is to collect all the secrets and bring them back to the Home Continent. The winner is the Spy that collects them all first. Easy eh?

Not so fast, my friend! This is the murky world of espionage, backstabbing and betrayal. One of the Spies is a Mole and they can win if they sneakily get the secrets to the Unfriendly Continent first, but The Mole can be exposed by passing false secrets to any Spy you suspect and checking to see if your particular brand of lies reaches the enemy. Just to add more mystery into the mix, The Mole can recruit Double Agents to help.

Players move around the world by land, sea or air intercepting each other and swapping secrets. Is the secret you have been given genuine? Is your Mum The Mole? Is your best friend a Double Agent? You'll have to play to find out! Click on 'Book Now' to go to our new online portal

Unlike real world Escape Rooms 'The Mole' is different every time, so you can play it again and again!

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