Escape Rooms

You are trapped in a Live Escape Room and must work as a team to find the clues, unravel the mysteries and solve the puzzles in order to escape before your time runs out.
You have 60 minutes. Can you do it?

We Have an Escape Game for Everyone

All our games are challenging, but everyone can succeed perhaps with a hint or two, so they are suitable for newbies and experienced escapees alike. The only question is how many hints will you need?

CSI Murder Mystery

Can you match fingerprints on murder weapons, examine witness statements to identify alibis that are a load of porkies and use forensic evidence to place the culprit at the scene?

Escape from the Future

This is the fun room. It is still challenging, but fun at the same time. Can you test a time machine invented by your crazy professor friend and still get back to your own time in time for dinner?

Mission Impossible

Can you get past the booby traps and defuse a bomb without blowing yourself up? There is a bottle of Champagne and money back for any team that can do it without any help, but don't worry. The game isn't over for those that do blow themselves up. The bomb resets and you keep going until the timer runs out. The question is how many times will you blow yourself up before defusing the bomb? So far the average is five times. Can you do better than that?
We are based in Llandudno, the largest and most popular resort in North Wales.
Holyhead 44m : Caernarfon 27m : Bangor 21m : Conwy 4m : Rhos on Sea 4m : Colwyn Bay 5m : Abergele 11m : Rhyl 15m : Prestatyn 21m
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