Escape Room Events in Wales

Escape Games make the perfect venue for many types of event. Players have to work together to solve puzzles, either physical or mental depending on the chosen room, which makes them a very enjoyable social occasion. They also tend to bring out the competitive streak in some of us, so there's the fun aspect too. Escape rooms are great for birthday parties, stag nights or Hen do's, company team building or just for a family get-together.

We have a room for everyone! However please note that Escape Games are not suitable for children's parties as the puzzles and challenges are at an adult level. You may bring the little darlings along with you, but they are not suitable for children on their own.

CSI Murder Mystery

A room for those that like whodunnits. Can you match fingerprints and compare alibis with witness statements to discover who is being economical with the truth? Can you piece the forensic evidence together to place the guilty at the scene and rule out the innocent? In short, can you bring the culprit to justice?
"A genuinely original game which threw up one of the most interesting tasks I’ve ever seen in an Escape Room" - The Logic Escapes Me (A London based blog reviewing Escape Room Games all across the UK)

Escape from the Future

This is a fun room, but serious at the same time. It is still challenging as well as being fun to play. You have been asked to test a time machine invented by a mad professor friend of yours. Of course you have agreed, which makes you as nutty as he is!
"Absolutely awesome! Best hour ever!" - Louis-Courtney Jones from Rhyl

Mission Impossible

This is the ultimate challenge, but anyone can have a go as it's fun to play. We haven't called it Mission Impossible because it's based on that particular franchise, but it is that sort of thing... Can you get through a sophisticated security system and disarm a bomb? All I can tell you is that you don't have to dangle from a skylight to avoid touching the floor and you can go below 50mph, but that's all the help you get here! Come and play for more.
"I have never seen such technology in an escape room" - One of our testers with 50+ games under their belt.
"This is really clever!" - Just about all our testers!
We are based in Llandudno, the largest and most popular resort in North Wales.
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