Escape Room Coronavirus COVID-19 FAQs

Not sure about booking an Escape Room after the lockdown? Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions or contact us if your query is not covered.

Is it Safe to Play Escape Games after the Lockdown?

We can only speak for our own Escape Rooms, but we are dedicated to making ours as safe as possible. Our booking system has been altered since the lockdown to ensure that only one group can be here at a time. You only need to be concerned about keeping up social separation with the host and the people you are with. You are in contact with the people you are with anyway and the host will be wearing face protection and keep his distance. He doesn't want to catch it either!

Who can play?

As of August 2020 restrictions due to the Coronavirus in Wales have been eased again, with social gatherings such as wedding venues and groups allowed indoors in pubs and restaurants, but always with the codicil ‘where social distancing can be maintained’. It is not easy to maintain social distancing whilst playing an escape game, so there are two categories of teams that can be allowed.

First, and ideally, those that are already in a bubble together. This could be either a primary or extended bubble where being in an escape room together will be no different than normal.

The second group that can play are those that are already in contact with each other, such as people from the same work environment. In this scenario face masks and/or protectors should be worn exactly as in the workplace and the same level of social distancing should be maintained wherever possible.

Random groups of friends from different household bubbles who otherwise have no contact are not permitted.

If any of your group is showing Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or has had the Coronavirus and it is less than 2 weeks since they last showed symptoms then they must be excluded from your group.

Do you have a Sanitiser Station?

Yes. On arrival all players will be required to disinfect their hands at our sanitiser station so they do not pass on anything either between themselves or to the next group of players. In turn the group before you will have been asked to do the same so as not to pass on anything to you.

Are the Rooms Sanitised?

Yes. We are now leaving a full hour in between groups of players to ensure that teams coming and going do not meet and to give us time to disinfect door handles, game items and anything else that might have been touched.

Do We Need to Wear Face Masks?

As of 14th September 2020 it is mandatory in Wales to wear face masks in all indoor places that are open to the public. This is not only to help protect you from passing anything between yourselves, but also to reduce the risk of any of your team leaving coughs and sneezes for players that come after you. In turn the teams that have played before you will also have been wearing face masks to prevent them from leaving any unwanted gifts for you.

Due to the restrictions everyone will have their own personal face mask and all teams will be required to wear them. If any team member of your team has forgotten theirs a disposable face mask will be provided free of charge.

Are Face Masks Provided?

Yes, if necessary. Because of the new laws in Wales making it mandatory for everyone to wear face masks in indoor public places everyone will have their own personal face mask, so it shouldn't be necessary. However if any member of your team has forgotten theirs or left it in the car a disposable face mask will be provided free of charge. Please see 'Do We Need to Wear Face Masks?'.

What if I Have Booked and We Go Back Into Lockdown?

If, heaven forbid, we go back into lockdown then we will apply the same policies as the first time. Those that have paid in full will be issued a gift voucher so they can re-book on any date up to a year later. Those that feel they will never visit Llandudno again will be given a full refund. It is slightly more complicated for those that have only paid a deposit as we cannot issue a gift token, but you won't lose your deposit. We'll work out rescheduling somehow!
If you have a query not covered here why not drop us a line at  or give us a ring on 01492 471493. We'd be happy to answer your questions.
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