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It has been known for a long time that staff are more productive if they engage in activities together. It gives a sense of belonging as a single unit and all working towards the same goal.

There are two ways of approaching team building - and Escape Rooms are the perfect venue for both of them.

First there's the serious, scientific way based on psychological studies where teams are given tasks in which they have to work together to succeed - and that is exactly what is required in an escape game.

CSI Murder Mystery

In this room not only do teams have to work out how to get the evidence in a murder case, they also have to use it to solve the murder. There are many things to be done. Fingerprint matching, examining witness statements to confirm or destroy alibis and using forensic evidence to place the culprit at the scene. It really requires putting their heads together!
"A genuinely original game which threw up one of the most interesting tasks I’ve ever seen in an Escape Room" - The Logic Escapes Me (A London based blog reviewing Escape Room Games all across the UK)

Escape from the Future

This room is fun to do, but serious at the same time. From the team building perspective there are actions that need to be performed where a maverick player going off on their own and not working as a team can hinder progress, or even prevent the team from succeeding.
"Absolutely awesome! Best hour ever!" - Louis-Courtney Jones from Rhyl

Mission Impossible

This is the ultimate team building game. The team has to get through a sophisticated security system riddled with booby traps. Anyone not being a team player is likely to blow them all to smithereens (whatever they are!) and will not be popular at all.
"I have never seen such technology in an escape room" - One of our testers with 50+ games under their belt.
"This is really clever!" - Just about all our testers!

Of course the second way of approaching team building is not to take it too seriously and just give your staff a break full of fun things to do. Happy staff are productive staff. Escape rooms are the perfect venue for that approach too! Plus of course Escape Games bring out the competitive streak in all of us!

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