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Are you up to the Challenge of our Newest Room?

Announcing the most nail-bitingly exciting escape game ever. (Probably). A bottle of Champagne and money back if you can beat it. Opened just after the lockdown, you have to defuse a bomb, but first you have to get through a sophisticated security system to get to it. It's full of booby traps, so you will constantly be on tenter-hooks as you could blow yourself up at any moment - and you will! Ha! Ha! There's a bottle of Champagne and money back for any team that can get out in one piece!

We Have an Escape Game for Everyone

One to make you think, one just for fun and our new nail-bitingly exciting game that will keep you on your toes! All our games are suitable for players of all levels. They are all challenging, but they're fun to play and anyone can succeed, perhaps with a little help if required. The only question is how many hints will you need?

CSI Murder Mystery

This is a room that will make you think. It's an Escape Game so yes, you have to find the combinations to padlocks as you'd expect, but there is another layer to it. These padlocks uncover the evidence in a murder case. Can you use the evidence to solve the murder? If you like whodunnits then you'll love this game!
"A genuinely original game which threw up one of the most interesting tasks I’ve ever seen in an Escape Room" - The Logic Escapes Me (A London based blog reviewing Escape Room Games all across the UK)

Escape from the Future

This is the fun room. It is still challenging, but fun at the same time. You have been asked to test a time machine invented by a crazy professor friend of yours, and like a fool you agreed. Now anything could happen - and it probably will! If you are a bit of a techy there is quite an amazing surprise in store for you..... The only one in the World of its kind in an Escape Room.
"Absolutely awesome! Best hour ever!" - Louis-Courtney Jones from Rhyl

Mission Impossible

This is the most nail-bitingly exciting Escape Room ever. (Probably). Can you get past the booby traps and defuse the bomb without blowing yourself up? We don't think so! In fact we're so sure you won't that there is a bottle of Champagne and money back for any team that can do it without any help. Although it's fun to play as well as being challenging, so help is available for those not wanting to go for the Champagne and your game isn't over if you do blow yourselves up. The bomb resets and you can keep trying until the countdown reaches zero. The only question is how many times will you blow yourselves up before finally disarming the bomb? The best so far is eight times. Could you do better?
"I have never seen such technology in an escape room" - One of our testers with 50+ games under their belt.
"This is really clever!" - Just about all our testers!
We are based in Llandudno, the largest and most popular resort in North Wales.
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