The Mission Impossible Story

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and for us the Coronavirus proved this to be true. For ages we'd been trying to build a new room, but as we could only do it a bit here and there in between groups of players it had taken two years and we'd hardly begun. The lockdown gave us the chance of finishing it off.

The new game is designed for those that really like a challenge. Possibly the most nail-bitingly exciting escape room ever! A megalomaniac has planted a bomb, and as he doesn't want it to be defused before it goes off he has built a sophisticated security system around it, full of booby traps.

We are calling it 'Mission Impossible'. Not because it's based on the original TV series or the films, but because that's what we think it will be. We've been evil. Ha! Ha! As the longest established Escape Rooms in North Wales we are now in our 8th year of watching how people interact with Escape Games, so the booby traps have been deliberately designed to entice people in, like a spider into its web. I'm chuckling to myself right now, just thinking about it!

While not specifically based on the 'Mission Impossible' franchise it is that sort of thing. If you've watched films where they have to get through high tech security systems during jewellery heists or when depriving museums of their priceless artefacts or stealing a few masterpieces from art galleries you'll know the score. All I can say is that you don't have to enter through the skylight and avoid touching the floor, and you can go less than 50mph, but that's all the help you'll get here! Come and play for more.

This game is challenging, but taking a lesson from our 'Escape from the Future' game it's also designed to be fun. Serious objectives that can be achieved in a fun way. There is a bottle of Champagne and money back for any team that can defuse the bomb without blowing themselves up. Do you think you are up to the challenge?

Or this game can be played on two levels. Either go for the Champagne without any help or play just for fun and get all the help you need.

It wouldn't be fair if your game was over because you triggered a booby trap and blow yourselves up in the first few minutes, so the bomb resets and you can keep trying until the countdown ticks down to zero and the bomb explodes anyway. The yardstick for this room just has to be how many times will you blow yourselves up before finally disarming the bomb? The average so far is 5. Can you beat that?

Note 1: This room contains flashing lights when you blow yourself up. ...And yes, we do mean 'when'. He. He.

Note 2: Unfortunately this is our smallest room. Well, it's the last one we had spare, but the best things come in small packages and it does have the most interesting layout. It lends itself perfectly to this game, but it means that 5 is the maximum number of players for comfort. We had had teams of 6 players and it has proved to be perfectly OK, although not ideal.

Note 3: This game is not suitable for children. It's up to you, but anyone with kids knows that they indiscriminately poke, prod and fiddle with everything in sight. In a room full of booby traps this is probably not a good idea. They will be a liability!

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