The Mole Story

Lockdowns due to the Coronavirus madness in the world prompted many businesses to turn to the internet, and we are no exception, but we soon realised that there are many other reason that family and friends can't get together even in 'normal' times

We first thought of producing a traditional online escape game, but they were mostly single player games - and let's face it - have been done to death!

As the longest established Escape Rooms in North Wales we are now in our 8th year of running Escape Games and have noticed that the single most important factor for the incredible popularity of Escape Rooms is the fact that they are team games. A chance for family and friends to get together and have fun together as a group.

So out with the old and in with the new. 'The Mole' is a game where 2 to 8 players can get together and play over the internet whenever they like and wherever they happen to be.

A chance to get together even when you can't get together. There is even a messaging system within the game so you can chat whilst playing!

...and unlike real life escape games 'The Mole' is different every time you play it, so you can play again and again.

We are based in Llandudno, the largest and most popular resort in North Wales.
Holyhead 44m : Caernarfon 27m : Bangor 21m : Conwy 4m : Rhos on Sea 4m : Colwyn Bay 5m : Abergele 11m : Rhyl 15m : Prestatyn 21m
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